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Current version: 2022.01.29~ynh2

Acropolis was forked from diaspora* in August 2021. The idea for the fork is to optimize toward community, that is making it as easy as possible to contribute. We're following a protocol that basically says if you are addressing a valid problem, your code gets merged. Everything else follows from that.

Important infos before installing

Acropolis is beta software, and under active development. Use at your own risk!

  • This app require a dedicated domain or subdomain.
  • No admin user is created during installation so you will need to sign up and follow manual steps to promote your user to admin.
  • Configuration of the instance requires editing one or more config files which must also be done manually.
  • Single sign-on doesn't work.

You may wish to close or limit registration for your instance of Ecko, so that the instance stays small. We invite you to block remote malicious instances from the administration interface.


(This app has features you may not like)

  • This software is not maintained anymore. Expect it to break down over time, be exposed to unfixed security breaches, etc.

Useful links

App license: AGPL-3.0-or-later Official website Official code repository YunoHost package repository YunoHost package license