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The wishlist is the place where people can collectively suggest and vote for apps that they would like to see packaged and made available in YunoHost's official apps catalog. Nevertheless, the fact that apps are listed here should by no mean be interpreted as a fact that the YunoHost project plans to integrate it, and is merely a source of inspiration for packaging volunteers.

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Access to Memory (AtoM) Standards-based archival description and access in a multilingual, multi-repository environment. 1
Activepieces Activepieces is a automation builder, designed to be extensible through a type-safe pieces framework 2
Ajenti A modular server admin panel 0
Akaunting Manage payments/invoices/expenses 1
Amara Collaborative translation of subtitles for videosCollaborative translation of subtitles for videos 1
Amusewiki A library-oriented wiki engine and a powerful authoring, archiving and publishing platform. 1
Anki Sync Server a personal Anki server 33
AnonAddy Anonymous email forwarding - Create Unlimited Email Aliases 15
Appflowy Alternative to Notion 44
Archivematica Mature digital preservation system designed to maintain standards-based, long-term access to collections of digital objects. 1
ArchivesSpace Archives information management application for managing and providing Web access to archives, manuscripts and digital objects. 2
Argos Panopts A monitoring and status board for your websites. 0
Asqatasun Website analyser for web accessibility and SEO 0
ass ShareX upload server written in Node.js. 0
Astral Organize Your GitHub Stars With Ease 0
atuin Backend server for atuin. End-to-end encrypted shell history database, with possibility to sync history across devices. 0
AutoBD Comics creation tools 0
Automatisch Workflow automation without coding 0
Azuracast A Web Radio Management Suite 12
Backstage.io Enterprise Developer Portal with Eco-System 0
Baserow No-code database tool, alternative to Airtable 20
Bearblog Free, no-nonsense, super-fast blogging 0
Beatbump An alternative frontend for YouTube Music 2
Beeper A unified inbox for 15 chat networks. 35
Belenios Voting Verifiable, lean, trustable online voting system 2
BigBlueButton Web conferencing system 39
BirdsiteLive ActivityPub bridge from Twitter 0
BitcartCC All-in-one cryptocurrency solution 2
bitmagnet BitTorrent indexer, DHT crawler and search engine 0
Bitmessage P2P communication protocol used to send encrypted messages 1
Blynk Blynk library for embedded hardware. Works with Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison/Galileo, LinkIt ONE, Particle Core/Photon, Energia, ARM mbed, etc. 1
BOINC Donate unused CPU time to help scientific projects (like World Community Grid or Rosetta@home) 7
BTCPay Server Bitcoin payment processor 9
Budibase Low code platform for creating internal apps, workflows, and admin panels in minutes. 5
bukuserver Bookmark manager and personal textual mini-web with browsable front-end on a web server 1
Cactus Comments Federated comment system, to embed into your webpages, based on the Matrix protocol. 3
Cal.com Formerly Calendso. Volunteer shift management and meeting scheduling. Alternative to Calendly. 23
Carre Classification et hiérarchisation de pads, similaire à Libreto 1
Cattr Time tracking solution 2
changedetection.io Monitor changes in web pages 13
Chaskiq A full featured Live Chat, Support & Marketing platform, alternative to Intercom, Drift, Crisp 1
Chatterbox Embedded live chat for customer service 2
Chatwoot Customer engagement suite, an alternative to Intercom, Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud 4
Checkmk Monitoring for networks, servers, clouds, containers and applications 2
CheckUp Distributed, lock-free, self-hosted health checks and status pages 1
CKAN A tool for making open data websites 0
Claper Claper turns your presentations into an interactive, engaging and exciting experience. 1
ClearFlask Ideation Tool for Feedback, Roadmap and Announcements 2
CloudTube CloudTube front-end for YouTube 4
Cobalt Simple Media downloader GUI 1
Commafeed RSS reader 2
Congressus A meeting management tool with decision-making based on a voting pool 1
Convos IRC client that runs in your browser and always online. 0
Coquelicot A “one-click” file sharing web application 0
Counter Web Analytics made simple 0
Crowdsec enhanced fail2ban app 10
Cusdis A lightweight, privacy-friendly comment system alternative to Disqus. 1
Dashy Customizable dashboard used to organize self-hosted services, websites, etc. 11
Dataverse Find, share, cite, and preserve research data 0
DavMail Gateway from OWA and O365 to IMAP, POP, and CalDav for email and calendars 2
Decap CMS A Git-based CMS for Static Site Generators 1
Digibuzzer pour jouer autour d'un buzzer connecté 2
Digishare pour partager des fichiers avec des appareils proches 2
Digistorm pour créer des remue-méninges, des questionnaires, etc. 1
Directus Real-time API and intuitive no-code data collaboration app for any SQL database 4
do.doc chaine éditoriale simple, permettant la capture, l'édition et la publication de contenu multimedia. 0
Docker-registry The toolkit to pack, ship, store, and deliver container content 5
Docspell Simple document organizer 0
Docusaurus Static site generator/SPA to build documentations 1
DocuSeal Create, fill, and sign digital documents 10
Dokos Plateforme de gestion pour votre Entreprise. Adaptation française d'ERPNext. 3
Drawpile Collaborative drawing program that allows multiple users to sketch on the same canvas simultaneously 0
Earthstar-Project Storage for private, distributed, offline-first applications. 0
Elk A nimble Mastodon web client, also works with other Fediverse servers 9
Endlessh SSH Tarpit 2
Ente Safe home for your photos and 2FA codes. Alternative to Google Photos and Apple Photos. 6
erine.email Email alias software 2
ERPnext Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 6
EteSync The Etebase server (so you can run your own) 7
evcc Management system for cost optimized and solar powered EV charging 1
Excalibur A web interface to extract tabular data from PDFs (based on Camelot) 1
Exo platform Modern intranet, social network, community management platform, collaboration platform and digital workplace 1
Faircamp Static site generator for audio artists and producers 7
Farside A redirecting service for FOSS alternative frontends 0
Federated wiki Farm for fedwiki sites 1
Feedbin Simple, fast and nice looking RSS reader 2
Filestash A modern web client for SFTP, S3, FTP, WebDAV, Git, Minio, LDAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, Mysql, Backblaze, ... 7
FindMyDevice Server Track, wipe and issue other commands to your device when it's lost. 1
fishnet Distributed Stockfish analysis for lichess.org 0
FlareSolverr Proxy server to bypass Cloudflare protection 4
Forem Software for building communities. 1
Formbricks Experience Management Suite / Survey Platform 0
Fractale Platform for self-organization. 4
Framaestro_hub Online service aggregator hub 0
Frigate Local NVR designed for Home Assistant with AI object detection 1
Gatsby Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React 2
Geneweb Genealogy in a web interface 6
GeoVisio Self-hosting geo-located street pictures solution 1
Gladys Assistant A privacy-first, open-source home assistant. 13
Goaccess Web log analyzer 1
GoatCounter privacy-friendly web analytics 2
gocd CI/CD server 0
GoGoCarto Possibly multi-instanced collaborative maps hosting and tools. 3
Gollum A simple Git-powered wiki 1
GotHub An alternative front-end for GitHub, written in Go. 1
Gramps Web Collaborative genealogy, based on and interoperable with Gramps. 2
Granary 💬 The social web translator 0
Graphhopper Routing engine for OpenStreetMap. Use it as Java library or standalone web server. 2
Greenlight A really simple end-user interface for your BigBlueButton server 3
Habitica A habit tracker app which treats your goals like a Role Playing Game. 8
Hammond Vehicle expense tracking system 0
Hauk Realtime location sharing 0
Heimdall Application dashboard and launcher 0
Helpy A modern helpdesk customer support app, including knowledgebase, discussions and tickets 0
Hexo A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js. 0
Heyform Form builder 0
HistoPad Log pads (etherpad) and archiving them in a git repository 0
Homebox Homebox is the inventory and organization system built for the Home User! 6
Homepage A highly customizable application dashboard with integrations for over 100 services 0
Hometown A Mastodon fork with local-only posting, support for more content types, and other features and tweaks. 4
Hyperion Ambient lightning software 0
Hypothes.is Annotation server (and client) to create and share highlights and notes 4
Hysteria A powerful, lightning fast and censorship resistant proxy 1
Icecast 2 Streaming media server supporting Ogg, Opus, WebM and MP3 streams 7
InfCloud A contacts, calendar and tasks web client for CalDAV and CardDAV 1
Inginious Secure and automated exercises assessment platform using your own tests, an can interface with your existing LMS. 1
Inventaire A collaborative resource mapper powered by open-knowledge, starting with books! 4
InvenTree Inventory management system using Django/python with a nice interface. 0
Invidious Router Routes requests to different Invidious instances 1
InvoicePlane Manage invoices, clients and payments. 3
IPFS Peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol 16
ITTools A lot of useful tools for developer and people working in IT. 3
JAN GPT and LLM local AI models engine 1
JS Bin Collaborative JavaScript Debugging App 0
Karaoke-forever Organize karaoke parties 1
Khoj AI personal assistant accessible from Emacs, Obsidian or your Web browser 7
Kill the newsletter Convert email newsletters to RSS feeds 8
Kitchenowl Grocery list and recipe manager 7
Klaxon Easily create alerts for changes on the web 1
Known A social publishing platform. 0
Koha Library system 9
Koreader Sync Server Synchronization service for Koreader devices 3
Kutt.it Link shortener 1
L'atelier A project management tool 1
Lago Lago is an open source billing API for product-led SaaS. 2
LessPass Stateless password manager 2
LibreTime Radio Broadcast & Automation Platform 6
LibreY Meta search engine for Google and popular torrent sites, fork of LibreX 0
Librum Read and manage your e-books on any device. 3
Lila Online chess game server 1
Lingva Translate Alternative front-end for Google Translate 1
linkblocks Federated website aggregator 0
Linkding Minimal, fast, and easy bookmark manager 5
Linkwarden Collaborative bookmark manager 3
LiquidSoap Audio and video streaming language 3
Lobe Chat LLMs/AI chat framework, supports multiple local and remote AI Providers, modals (Vision/TTS) and plugin system 0
LocalAI LocalAI is the free, Open Source OpenAI alternative. Drop-in replacement API compatible w/ OpenAI. 18
LocomotiveCMS A platform to create, publish and edit sites 0
Loomio A collaborative decision making tool 11
Lyrion Music Server A streaming audio server (formerly Logitech Mediaserver, SlimServer, SqueezeCenter, SqueezeboxServer, SliMP3) 0
MaidSafe The Safe Network Core. API message definitions, routing and nodes, client core api. 0
Mailpile A modern, fast email client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features 3
Mailtrain Newsletter app 1
Majola Music scrobble database, alternative to Last.fm 1
Maloja Simple self-hosted music scrobble database to create personal listening statistics. 1
mautrix-meta A Matrix-Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM puppeting bridge. 6
Mayan-EDMS Document management system 0
Mealie Recipe manager and meal planner 7
Mediagoblin Video streaming platform 4
Medusa Automatic TV shows downloader 0
Meshery Cloudnative solution to bind multiple Service-Meshes together, not only K8s 0
MeTube Video downloader Web UI using yt-dlp 2
microblog.pub A single-user ActivityPub-powered microblog. 4
Microweber Web CMS for creating web sites 0
Mindustry A sandbox tower-defense game 2
MiroTalk P2P Video Conferences 1
misfin Messaging over Gemini 0
Mixpost Self-hosted social media management 1
MkDocs A fast, simple and downright site generator, building project documentation. 0
Modoboa Mail hosting made simple 0
Mollysocket MollySocket allows getting Signal notifications via UnifiedPush. 0
Music Assistant Media library manager that connects your streaming services and a wide range of connected speakers. 0
Nebula Scalable overlay networking tool with a focus on performance, simplicity and security. 3
Netbird Create an overlay peer-to-peer network connecting machines regardless of their location 1
Netrunner A card game in a cyberpunk universe 1
NewsBlur RSS reader 3
NOE Votre QG événementiel pour gérer votre planning de formations, votre bénévolat et vos participant.es 0
Nostr Censorship-resistant alternative to Twitter 10
NovoSGA Support queue management system 0
OCS Inventory NG Open computers and software inventory is an asset management solution. 1
officelife Manages everything employees do in a company. From projects to holidays to 1:1s to teams... 0
OhMyForm Alternative to TypeForm, TellForm, or Google Forms 16
ollama Large language models (LLM) local engine 1
Omnivore A read-it-later solution for people who like reading. 18
OpenCapture application web de scan et de gestion numérique de documents, avec extraction de données par OCR. 1
OpenCart Shopping cart system. An online e-commerce solution. 3
opencast Flexible, reliable, and scalable open source video management system for academic institution 0
openHAB Smart home platform 8
OpenSign DocuSign alternative, for signing and annotating PDF files 7
organizr Organizr allows you to setup "Tabs" that will be loaded all in one webpage 1
OSRM Routing Machine - C++ backend 8
Otobo Ticketsystem, fork of OTRS (which is not free anymore) 0
OX Open-Xchange Linux groupware solution 2
Padloc Simple, secure password and data management for individuals and teams 0
Paperwork Note-taking and archiving, alternative to Evernote, Microsoft OneNote & Google Keep 6
Passbolt Password manager 3
peer-calls WebRTC group peer to peer video calls for everyone 1
Peppermint A central hub for your help desk. A powerfully easy system for tracking, prioritising, and solving customer support tickets 1
personal-management-system Your web application for managing personal data. 0
Phorge Platform for collaborating, managing, organizing and reviewing software development projects 0
PHPList Email marketing manager: create, send, integrate, and analyze email campaigns and newsletters. 1
PIA A tool to help carrying out Privacy Impact Assessments 0
Picsur Image hosting 1
Pinry Tiling image board 5
Plane Project planning tool 2
Plasmic Visual website and app builder, integrates with existing databases. Potential alternative to Bubble. 1
Plausible Analytics Privacy-friendly web analytics (alternative to Google Analytics) 15
Polis Gathers and analyzes what large groups of people think in their own words. Creates shared decisions. 2
pretix All-in-one ticketing software 3
pritunl Distributed enterprise vpn server built using the OpenVPN protocol 0
PrivateGPT AI project that allows you to ask questions to your documents using the power of LLMs. 16
PrivTracker Private torrent tracker to share files with your friends. 0
ProtonMail Bridge Use Proton Mail with your email client 25
ProtonMail’s WebClient Monorepo hosting the proton web clients 2
Proxigram Front-end for Instagram, providing also RSS 2
Psono Password Manager for Teams 1
Pterodactyl Game server management panel 5
QGis server Publish QGis desktop projets and maps as OGC-compliant services, that can be used in openlayers, leaflet etc. 3
QWC2 A react and openlayers-based web UI to publish and display QGIS desktop projects. 3
Race for the galaxy Play Race for the Galaxy against AI 1
racktables A datacenter asset management system 1
Raindrop All-in-one bookmark manager 14
Raspap Simple wireless AP setup & management for Debian-based devices 2
rawgraph Create custom vector-based visualizations 0
Read the Docs A comprehensive platform for automatic building, versioning, and hosting of documentation. 1
Redash Connect to any data source, easily visualize, dashboard and share your data. 1
Renovate Bot for automating dependency updates on Gitlab / Gitea / Forgejo 3
Request Tracker An enterprise-grade issue tracking system 2
Retroshare Friend-2-Friend, secure decentralised communication platform. 1
Revolt Chat software similar to Discord 4
RSS-proxy Create an RSS or ATOM feed of almost any website, just by analyzing just the static HTML structure. 16
SABnzbd The automated Usenet download tool 7
Saltcorn Permet de construire des applications web avec une interface "no-code" 0
SAT An all-in-one tool to manage all your communications 0
SCENARIchainserver Hébergement des outils de la chaine éditoriale Scénari. Création et diffusion cours tutos doc tech 0
Screego Screen sharing webrtc 0
Scribe An alternative frontend to Medium 2
Semantic MediaWiki Store and query data withxadin MediaWiki's pages 0
Semaphore A fediverse (Mastodon-API compatible) accessible, simple and fast web client 4
shadowsocks A SOCKS5 proxy to protect your Internet traffic 3
shinken A flexible and scalable monitoring framework 0
sickchill Automatic TV shows downloader 0
Signal Proxy Fight censorship and bypass traffic securely to the Signal service 6
SimpleLogin Privacy-first e-mail forwarding and identity provider service 22
Slskd A modern client-server application for the Soulseek file sharing network. 0
smokeping The Active Monitoring System 1
Snac Snac daemon processes messages from other servers in the Fediverse using the ActivityPub protocol 1
SocialHome A federated personal profile 2
SourceHut A software development platform / source forge for hackers: git, hg, mail lists, tickets, chat, CI 0
sphinx The Sphinx documentation generator 1
Spodcast Makes RSS feeds for Spotify podcasts, with episodes as mp3, making them usable with podcast apps 3
Spreed Standalone signaling server for Nextcloud Talk. 4
Stackedit In-browser Markdown editor 1
Stingle API Server Gallery/Camera application with private encrypted Backup and Sync function 1
Stirling PDF Edit, compress, sign, OCR and other various operations on PDF files 17
Storj Ongoing Storj v3 development. Decentralized cloud object storage that is affordable, easy to use, private, and secure. 8
Strapi Node.js Headless CMS to easily build customisable APIs 3
Stremio A modern media center 6
SuiteCRM A CRM software 3
Superalgos Crypto trading bot, automated bitcoin / cryptocurrency trading software. 0
Suwayomi A manga reader server that runs extensions built for Tachiyomi 1
Sympa Mailing List manager 9
Syspass Systems Password Manager 0
Tahoe-LAFS Decentralized cloud storage system 0
Taiga Project management 6
Takahē An efficient ActivityPub Server, for small installs with multiple domains 5
Tasks.md App for managing tasks lists with markdown support. 0
Taskwarrior Command line Task Management 0
Teable Spreadsheet-like Web database which can be connected to traditional databases 0
Teddy.io Document manager 1
Teleport Multi-protocol access proxy which understands SSH, HTTPS, RDP, Kubernetes API, MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL wire protocols. 3
Teslamate A powerful, self-hosted data logger for your Tesla 0
Theia-IDE VS Code-like cloud IDE 0
Tileserver-GL Tile server light SVG for map service 1
Timetagger An open source time-tracker with an interactive user experience and powerful reporting. 2
TMate Instant Terminal Sharing 1
trivy OSS Vulnerability and Misconfiguration Scanning. 0
tryton Business software, ERP 0
tubesync Syncs YouTube channels and playlists to a locally hosted media server 9
tutao End-to-end encrypted e-mail client 2
Twake.app Collaboration platform to improve organizational productivity 1
umap Cartography software 14
upmpdcli UPnP renderer front-end for MPD 0
urlwatch Checks webpages and notifies via email or through various third party services on change. 0
Uwazi Build and share document collections 0
Vod2PodRSS Convert YouTube or Twitch channels RSS feed 1
VoyantServer Runs a webUI and backend for VoyantTools, a textual concordance and analysis java app. 0
VPN server Create/provide VPNs from your server 27
Webhook.site Easily test HTTP webhooks with this handy tool that displays requests instantly. 0
Webterminal A web-based Jump Host / Bastion, supports VNC, SSH, RDP, Telnet, SFTP... 0
WebThings Gateway WebThings Gateway 0
wg-access-server VPN Server OIDC ipv4 ipv6 2
Whoogle A metasearch engine 11
WikiSuite An integrated enterprise solution 0
WildDuck Opinionated email server 0
Windmill Developer platform for APIs, background jobs, workflows and UIs 0
Wisemapping An online mind mapping editor 1
WorkAdventure A web-based collaborative workspace for small to medium teams 3
xBrowserSync A bookmark sync tool, with browser plugins and mobile clients available 6
Xibo A FLOSS digital signage solution 0
Xonotic Fast paced first person shooter 2
Yggdrasil An experiment in scalable routing as an encrypted IPv6 overlay network 4
Yolo jukebox comeoninternet.ogg 1
your_spotify Spotify tracking dashboard 7
Zammad Helpdesk/customer support system 4
zigbee2mqtt.io Zigbee-to-MQTT software-bridge supporting more than 1000 Zigbee devices 9
znc IRC Bouncer 2
Zoneminder Closed-circuit television software app supporting IP, USB and Analog cameras. 5
Zotero collect, organize, annotate, cite, and share research 3
Zulip Team chat that helps teams stay productive and focused. 11