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Borg Backup

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Current version: 1.2.8~ynh2

Potential alternative to: Time Machine, Veeam

A Borg integration to backup your YunoHost server to another remote server (e.g. one of your friends).

This app is the "client" part, meant to be installed on the server to be backed up. It works in combination with the borg server app installed on a diffent machine.


  • Backup on a remote machine, in combination with the borg server app
  • ... or on a commercial borg service
  • Backups are encrypted (the remote server can't read the content) and deduplicated (optimize space)
  • Backups are ran automatically, you can choose when and at which frequency
  • You can choose what apps are backuped
  • Receive email alerts if the backup fails (the borg server app also checks that new content arrives and send an email to your friend otherwise)

Install procedure

Maybe counter-intuitively, you should first install this app (borg_ynh) and then (borgserver_ynh) on the other machine. In fact, at the end of the install of borg_ynh, you will be provided with the info, in particular the SSH public key, to be used to setup borgserver_ynh on the other machine.

This app requires an unusual amount of RAM to install: 500M

Useful links

App license: BSD-3-Clause Official website YunoHost package repository YunoHost package license