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Current version: 1.9~ynh1

Cultivons! is a software in the form of an internal site aiming at helping the management of a BAD (Sustainable Autonomous Base).

A BAD is a place where one or more people can (over)live a disaster (natural, plague, war, economic collapse ... put here the reason that pleases you or scares you the most), for a more or less long period of time, without needing the outside: supermarkets, hospitals, and other services present in a modern society.

This definition is a little broad, in fact a BAD will often materialize by a place in the countryside where one will try to be as autonomous as possible on the most important aspects of survival:

  • food (vegetable garden, orchard, animals... everything that is culture and breeding);
  • electricity;
  • water (including potabilization);
  • heating;
  • first aid;
  • storage of recipes, guides and other documentation...

With cultivons!, you can manage

  • your crops, your garden and the associated tasks (semi, harvest) as well as garden plan.
  • the weather,
  • the stocks,
  • your documents,
  • your budget (Bank Account).


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