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Current version: 1.4.1~ynh1

Potential alternative to: GMail, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo! Mail

All your E-mail, from all your accounts, in one place. Cypht is not your father's webmail. Unless you are one of my daughters, in which case it is your father's webmail. Cypht is like a news reader, but for E-mail. Cypht does not replace your existing accounts - it combines them into one. And it's also a news reader.

Cypht is an application built entirely of plugins, or as we call them, module sets (which is obviously way cooler sounding than plugins), that are executed by the framework. Modules provide a flexible way to add new features or customize the program without hacking the code.

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App license: LGPL-2.1-only Official website Official admin documentation Official code repository YunoHost package repository YunoHost package license