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Current version: 0.0~ynh5

Potential alternative to: ClassifiedAds.com, kleinanzeigen.de

A decentral federated small advertisement platform

flohmarkt provides its own http server that can be used stand-alone to show small ads that registered users may publish.

Registration works through the server itself and can be switched off (to run a server for e.g. only one person or only the persons that had been registered until that moment).

To register it's necessary to provide an email address to which a confirmation link is send.

Registered users can access a simple form to publish there small ads. The small ads can be looked at by anybody who is able to reach the website.


To communicate with someone who published a small ad the server hints to an unregistred user "To answer this offer please log in or create an account. OR use another fediverse-account".

The small add visited turns out to be a note in the fediverse. It's url can be opened with your favourite fediverse client at the server you're already registered to. You then can boost the small ad like any other note you read.

Or you can use your account to answer the author of the small ad if - and only if - you mark your note as 'private' aka 'direct'. This way you can contact the person.

It's also possible to follow accounts on flohmarkt servers like any other account in the fediverse to get new small ads published by that account in your timeline.

Federation between flohmarkts

At time of installation the software asks for the coordinates of the community it should be for and the radius it should be used in.

This is an offer to help make the goods that might be offered travel less far. A flohmarkt can manually federate with other flohmarkts in its range showing all their goods on its page.

This is not ment to be a restriction, but a nudging to build local communities. These would have the advantage that people could trust each other more, because trades face-to-face could be more common.

More information

Generally the wiki is a good source of information.

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Important infos before installing

use of couchdb

flohmarkt expects to install CouchDB from the Apache repository for its use. Installation of flohmarkt might break already existing installs of CouchDB.

flohmarkt will probably not install if you're already running an instance of a couchdb

https://codeberg.org/flohmarkt/flohmarkt_ynh/src/commit/7721103bac61787f31a4b2f2ae695c65d4f26fc9/scripts/install#L9 https://codeberg.org/ChriChri/flohmarkt_ynh/issues/9

choosing a sender email address

flohmarkt will send email and you'll be asked for an address used as the sender in these emails. yunohost will try to configure your chosen address as an allowed sender, but for the time being this will only work if the sender address is not in use otherwise - e.g. as an alias.

This issue contains information about the problem.

multiple flohmarkt on the same subdomain

The installation will allow you to test this. The feature is not well tested, yet, and installing multiple productive flohmarkts in the same domain might not work on the fediverse.

Feedback is more than welcome!

No integration in yunohost user database

flohmarkt mainanins its own user database in CouchDB. Users have to register to flohmarkt to get an account. Registration cannot be restricted to yunohost users.

https://codeberg.org/ChriChri/flohmarkt_ynh/issues/5 .


Removing a flohmarkt instance will delete all of its data for the time being. If you remove a flohmarkt we strongly suggest to make a backup beforehand. This issue describes how we'll handle remove with and without --purge in the future.

Warning: This might break any existing installation of couchdb (there's an couchdb app to install just couchdb and expose its port via nginx reverse-proxy and possibly other software installing a couchdb). This could happen if you installed the couchdb app after you installed flohmarkt.


When installing flohmarkt on a a domain and letting it talk to other ActivityPub instances it will propagate a key associated to your domain. If you remove your flohmarkt from that domain and loose that key other instances might not want to talk to you anymore after you installed flohmarkt again on the same domain generating a new key.

list of instances

We apreciate a lot if you run an instance of flohmarkt and will publish your instance on the wiki if you open an issue asking us to do so.

If you're looking for another instance to federate with the list on the wiki is a good starting point also.

help welcome

You're welcome to take part by opening issues or sending pull requests. You can also reach me on Matrix in Yunohost Apps development as @chrichri:librem.one .

I also announced this work on the yunohost forum.

Look at DEVELOPMENT.md for more information.


(This app has features you may not like)

  • Early development stage. May contain changing or unstable features, bugs, and security vulnerability.
  • Features arbitrary limitations. Please refer to the README.

Useful links

App license: AGPL-3.0 Official website Official admin documentation Official user documentation Official code repository YunoHost package repository YunoHost package license