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Current version: 2024.03.20~ynh1

glitch-soc is a friendly fork of the open-source social media software Mastodon, with the aim of providing additional features at the risk of potentially less stable software.

⚠️ glitch-soc is beta software, and under active development. Use at your own risk!

What's different from Mastodon?

glitch-soc adds a number of experimental features to Mastodon, such as:

  • Media improvements
    • Images inside the CW spoiler
    • fullwidth images
    • scaling options
  • Formatted toots
  • Reply selection in lists
  • Filter improvements
  • Highlighting of misleading links
  • Hiding follower count
  • An app settings modal
  • Collapsible toots
  • Toot visibility icons
  • Local-only toots
  • Threaded mode
  • data-* attributes on statuses
  • Advanced theming via flavours+skins
  • Doodle

See more on the documentation.

This app requires an unusual amount of RAM to install: 1G

Important infos before installing

Important points to read before installing

  1. Glitch-Soc require a dedicated root domain, eg. glitchsoc.domain.tld
  2. You can't change the domain once installed.
  3. The user choosen during the installation is automatically created in Glitch-Soc with admin rights
  4. At the end of the installation a mail is sent to the user with the automatically generated password
  5. It seems important to close the inscriptions for your Glitch-Soc, so that it remains a private body. We invite you to block remote malicious instances from the administration interface. You can also add text on your home page.

Using screen in case of disconnect

Glitch-Soc's install can be long, depending on the server performance. To prevent the process from being stopped because of disconnect, you can use a screen session

$ sudo apt-get install screen
$ screen
$ sudo yunohost app install glitchsoc

Recover after disconnect:

$ screen -d
$ screen -r

Useful links

App license: AGPL-3.0-or-later Official website Official code repository YunoHost package repository YunoHost package license