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Current version: 0.12.2~ynh1

Potential alternative to: X, Threads, Mastodon, Pleroma, Akkoma, Misskey, Calckey

GoToSocial is a fast ActivityPub social network server, written in Golang.

With GoToSocial, you can keep in touch with your friends, post, read, and share images and articles. All without being tracked or advertised to!

The official documentation is at docs.gotosocial.org.
The documentation for this YunoHost package can be read here and the admin is strongly encouraged to read it!

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(This app has features you may not like)

  • Early development stage. May contain changing or unstable features, bugs, and security vulnerability.

Useful links

License: AGPL-3.0-only Official website Official admin documentation Official user documentation Official code repository YunoHost package repository