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Current version: 0.22.332~ynh1

Jackett works as a proxy server: it translates queries from apps (Sonarr, Radarr, SickRage, CouchPotato, Mylar3, Lidarr, DuckieTV, qBittorrent, Nefarious etc.) into tracker-site-specific http queries, parses the html or json response, and then sends results back to the requesting software. This allows for getting recent uploads (like RSS) and performing searches. Jackett is a single repository of maintained indexer scraping & translation logic - removing the burden from other apps.

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This app is only compatible with these specific architectures: amd64, arm64, armhf
This app requires an unusual amount of RAM to install: 500M

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App license: GPL-2.0 Official code repository YunoHost package repository YunoHost package license