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Matrix-Discord bridge


Current version: 0.1.7~ynh4

Potential alternative to: Discord

This is a discord puppeting bridge for matrix. It handles bridging private and group DMs, as well as Guilds (servers). It is based on mx-puppet-bridge.


  • Direct (1:1) Chats
  • DM Group Chats
  • Plain Text
  • Formatted Messages
  • Media/files
  • Redactions/Deletions
  • Presence (Discord → Matrix only)
  • Typing notifications (Discord → Matrix only)
  • Replies
  • Edits
  • Reactions
  • Stickers
  • Multi-user
  • Friends management
  • Initiate chats from matrix

How to

See https://gitlab.com/mx-puppet/discord/mx-puppet-discord for documentation.

Screenshot for Matrix-Discord bridge

Useful links

License: Apache-2.0 Official website Official admin documentation Official code repository YunoHost package repository