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Current version: 0.7.7~ynh1

Potential alternative to: Joplin, Logseq, Microsoft OneNote, Obsidian

SilverBullet aims to be your workshop for the mind: a creative space where you collect, create and expand your personal knowledge, while also letting you constantly evolve the tools you use to do so.

While you can use SilverBullet as a simple note taking application that stores notes in plain markdown files on disk, it becomes truly powerful in the hands of more technical power users. By leveraging metadata annotations, its Objects infrastructure, Live Queries and Live Templates, SilverBullet becomes a powerful end-user programming tool, enabling you to quickly develop various types of ad-hoc knowledge applications.



  • Runs in any modern browser (including on mobile) as a PWA in two Client Modes (online and synced mode), where the synced mode enables 100% offline operation, keeping a copy of content in the browser, syncing back to the server when a network connection is available.
  • Provides an enjoyable markdown writing experience with a clean UI, rendering text using Live Preview, further reducing visual noise while still providing direct access to the underlying markdown syntax.
  • Supports wiki-style page linking using the [[page link]] syntax. Incoming links are indexed and appear as “Linked Mentions” at the bottom of the pages linked to thereby providing bi-directional linking.
  • Optimized for keyboard-based operation:
    • Quickly navigate between pages using the page switcher (triggered with Cmd-k on Mac or Ctrl-k on Linux and Windows).
    • Run commands via their keyboard shortcuts or the command palette (triggered with Cmd-/ or Ctrl-/ on Linux and Windows).
    • Use Slash Commands to perform common text editing operations.
  • Provides a platform for end-user programming through its support for Objects, Live Queries and Live Templates.
  • Robust extension mechanism using plugs.
  • Self-hosted: you own your data. All content is stored as plain files in a folder on disk. Back up, sync, edit, publish, script with any additional tools you like.
  • SilverBullet is open source, MIT licensed software.
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This app is only compatible with these specific architectures: amd64

Useful links

App license: MIT Official website Official code repository YunoHost package repository YunoHost package license