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Current version: 0.2.2~ynh5

Slingcode is a code editor contained in a single HTML file. Therefore, it has no server component, so all of your data is stored in your browser's cache. However, it is still possible to make web apps, run them, export them, and even share them using peer-to-peer.


  • You can make, run, and share web apps with it.
  • You don't need any complicated tools to use it, just a web browser.
  • You don't need a server, hosting, or an SSL certificate to run the web apps.
  • You can put Slingcode on a web site, run it from a USB stick, laptop, or phone, and it doesn't need an internet connection to work.
  • You can "add to home screen" in your phone's browser to easily access your library of programs on the go.
  • You can share apps peer-to-peer over WebTorrent.
  • It's private. You only share what you choose.
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App license: MIT Official website Official user documentation Official code repository YunoHost package repository YunoHost package license