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Current version: 2023.01.26~ynh2

Standard Notes is an end-to-end encrypted note-taking app for digitalists and professionals. Capture your notes, files, and life’s work all in one secure place.

Important infos before installing

  • 4GB swap memory will be created during install


(This app has features you may not like)

  • This YunoHost package is not actively maintained and needs adoption. This means that minimal maintenance is made by volunteers who don't use the app, so you should expect the app to lose reliability over time. You can [learn how to package](https://yunohost.org/packaging_apps_intro) if you'd like to adopt it.
  • Contains and makes use of non-free assets. The most common case is apps using artwork - images, sounds, music, etc. - under a commercial license.

Useful links

App license: AGPL-3.0-or-later Official website Official admin documentation Official user documentation Official code repository YunoHost package repository YunoHost package license